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Are you tired of people being able to look directly into your home or office? Is your furniture showing signs of sun damage? LA Solar Film LLC provides home and commercial window tinting services in the Lafayette, LA area.

Whether you want an extra layer of security, protection from the sun or need your windows cleaned, we can help.

When the sun sets, does it produce an awful glare through the front windows of your home? Ask about our home and commercial window tinting services to reduce glare, protect your furniture from sun damage and lower your heating and cooling costs.

If security is your primary concern, we can install security film throughout your house or office for window protection. Security film holds your window panes together to prevent scratches and shattering. It will make breaking into your living space a nightmare for intruders.

And last but not least, we can clean all of the windows on your property. Count on us to remove bubbles and spots, polish your windows and maintain them throughout the year.

Call 337-534-8039 today to schedule home and commercial window tinting services. LA Solar Film is proud to be a 3M™ Authorized Dealer within the Acadian area.

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LA Solar Film completes home window tinting in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas. Our clients love us because we:

  • Have over 25 years of home window tinting experience
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