5 benefits of installing security film

5 benefits of installing security film

LA Solar Film installs security film at homes and businesses in Lafayette, LA and surrounding areas.

Security film is a smart investment because it:

  1. Keeps glass in place
  2. Controls heat levels
  3. Enhances privacy
  4. Provides security
  5. Protects against ultra violet light
Get hurricane protection by scheduling security film installation services today.

Security Film & Hurricane Protection

Prepare your home and business for hurricane season by placing security film on the windows.

Prepare your home for hurricane season by placing security film on the windows in your home or business. LA Solar Film LLC installs security film in the Lafayette, LA area.

Security film consists of one or more layers of polyester film that are placed on the interior of windows. When installed correctly, security film:

  • Increases the strength of the window-which can prevent burglars from entering your property
  • Reduces injuries caused by flying glass-which makes it ideal for hurricane protection
  • Provides a new tint to windows-which gives your home a new look
With security film on your windows, it takes burglars more than 10 minutes to break in, and often deters them from breaking in at all.

Hire LA Solar Film to install your security film in a timely manner.